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Collision.kit by Buttoned.Up. Get it. We Hope You’ll Never Need It.

Posted in Travel by Julie Meyers Pron on May 19, 2009

collision_kitSometimes, nothing says it like been there, done that comments from customers. From Karli, Provo, Utah:

Two weeks ago my [husband] was in a car accident. Who is the first person he calls? ME?!? I haven’t been in a car accident since I was five. Seriously. At first I hemmed and hawwed [sic] and finally remembered the collision.kit that I’d bought for each car ages ago. It felt so good to say, “grab the collision.kit, it has instructions.”

It was a good thing he did. The first thing on the list was call the cops. He did that. The other guy (who hit him) was ticked off. He didn’t want the police called at all. Now two (or is it three?) weeks later we’re fighting his $(*&#$*(& insurance to get our money. It’s so nice to know that we have pictures to prove what happened, taken at the time. I hoped we’d neve have to use it, but I’m glad we had it.

Get the Collision.kit at Precious Personalities for peace of mind. We hope you’ll never need it.


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