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MomAgenda: A Dream System for this seasoned mom

Posted in Organization by Julie Meyers Pron on June 3, 2009

I absolutely live by the MomAgenda line, and thought I’d share how. Of course, my MomAgenda Desktop goes everywhere with me. And I record all of my kids appointments, events and activities, as well as my own. Then, every Sunday, I transfer my upcoming week onto the Weekly Family Planner. Since it has the same format, its simple to transfer over our events and plans. During this time I also plan out our meals, especially when I can pull my husband over to confirm his work and travel schedule. After planning out the meals, its time to create our shopping list, and that goes on the Menu/Grocery deskpad.

Monday mornings its become routine for the kids to come downstairs and view their upcoming week, which is simple because the Weekly Family Planner is magnetic and sticks on my fridge, just at their height.

Other MomAgenda products in constant use in our home: Kitchen Folio, which holds everything from class rosters and school calendars to take-out and delivery menus, the Babysitter Pad (which one sitter loves so much she bought several for gifts for the other families she sits for) and the mini-clips, perfect for organization of my file cards as well as marking pages in my Desktop.

Check out the MomAgenda products offered by Precious Personalities.


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