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Another Favorite Baby Gift: Baby’s Laundry

Posted in Baby Gifts, Personalized Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on June 17, 2009


The Baby’s Laundry Shadowbox Frame is one of my go-to gifts when my close friends have babies. I love sending (not to mention receiving) personalized gifts to remember a special moment. The detail on the items on the clothesline is… precious. We’ve had one hanging in my son’s room for nearly 4 years now, never have the items had to be reattached and we receive so many “awwws” and “ooohs” and “where can I get that for my nephew?!”  (yes, there’s also a Boy Baby’s Laundry and a gender neutral–a great shower gift!)

Get it at Precious Personalities. You can personalize as above or you can include other information like height, weight, birth time, or a special message. They can even personalize the items hanging on the line (see the Boys Baby’s Laundry for an example).  I’m certain it will be one of the first gifts the parents will hang on their wall… and one of the last to ever come down.


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