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Wanna Talk about Me!

Posted in parenting by Julie Meyers Pron on September 16, 2009

Several years ago, as in, before my kids, my dad told me he loved Toby Keith’s I Wanna Talk About Me because it reminded him of our family growing up. He’s father to 3 daughters. Three, as my mom explained it, leading ladies. In other words, he never had a chance to talk about himself.

Oh, do I understand that! But I don’t just want to talk about me, I want to have a little “me.” Its been, afterall, 6 years since Big was born. And those 6 years, though magical, have taught me to give of myself more than I ever knew possible.

I vividly remember changing a diaper one night in November 2003. I was dressed, make-up on, ready to bolt. It was the first time I had worn heels in about 5 months. My husband came home from work, I pecked him goodbye and ran out the door–my first moms night out ever.

It was awful. The company sucked… we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for goodness sake.  I was hanging out with the wrong friend. But at least I got out. The social event lasted about 45 minutes, enough time to eat dinner and drink a lemonade. I begged off, filled boobies being the excuse. Instead of heading home, though, I drove over to Barnes and Noble. My time wasn’t over yet. And I needed more of it.

No matter how terrible that first night out was, I realized something valuable. There is something cleansing about time away, aka “me time.” Its a time when you can still be you, no matter who you’re with or what you’re doing. Its a time to let loose, to laugh, to relax. And when you return home to your normal duties (whether they’re fulltime mommying, full time working or somewhere in between), you’re refreshed, at ease, perhaps even a little relaxed.

Its not just moms who need me time, dads do too. With his 4 ladies, its no wonder my dad excelled in local politics, an opportunity to get away. He loves movies, gets lost in Star Trek and other SciFi shows and books, and spends time tackling Sudoku each morning. That’s Dad’s “me time.” His break from the pressures, the routine, the drama and the demands.

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  1. kim/hormone-colored days said, on September 16, 2009 at 7:35 am

    I love your story and that you begged out of dinner early in exchange for making the most of your time. Lots of DH’s and my first “date nights” involved browsing and hanging out at Borders.

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