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Conferencing with the Supermoms of ‘Accidentally on Purpose’

Posted in book responses, parenting by Julie Meyers Pron on September 17, 2009

I made some new friends Tuesday night. Famous friends. Jealous? Don’t be. They’ll never consider me a friend.

See, I was on a call with actress Jenna Elfman, film critic Mary Pols and script writer Claudia Lonow. They’re the supermoms, and superminds, behind CBS’ new hysterical show, Accidentally on Purpose, scheduled to debut Monday night.

IRL, Pols, a film critic, wrote a memoir detailing her Accident: getting pregnant at 39 with a 29-year-old one-night-fling. Pols fling, Matt, opted to stay in the picture and support Pols and the baby, though he is unemployed. Prior to the book’s publishing, it was optioned and will finally be released as a sitcom, written by Lonow and starring Elfman.

Back to my point, I may feel like they are my new buddies, but they won’t know me from Adam. All 3 have children, and all three seem to be excellent, caring moms. Elfman shared that any time that she isn’t working  “every spare minute I have is for Story” (she tapes 3 weeks and then has off one and takes her son, Story, on set so that she can spend free time with him). But all three seemed to have moments of calm serenity to talk on the phone tonight. (Though Pols did share that she was making Puttenesca sauce while on our call.) Meanwhile, I was busy… breastfeeding and changing my baby’s diapers, scolding my 6 and 4 year olds for running downstairs to play with LEGOs and then repeatedly yelling “NO” to my 6 year old who kept asking whether he could read way past his bed time. I’m sorry kiddos, I’m attempting to work.

Working moms, I don’ t know how you juggle it. Really. If you work out of home and rush home to cuddle with your kids, I imagine you still have laundry piling up, dishes unwashed and lunches to make. Right? Single moms like Pols, who works as a film critic and is working on her next book, a novel, I hope to hear you either have a cleaning lady or you have many playful dust bunnies roaming under your new sofa. And Elfman and Lonow, please admit to me that you haven’t cooked a meal in weeks (Jenna did share on the on the call that she has never made Puttenesca.)  Here I am, a stay at home mom who dabbles in writing for no pay (and prays that will change), attempting my first conference call with laundry overflowing, a bed without sheets (they’re in the dryer), and a sleeping baby in my lap because that’s where she sleeps best. My husband? This week he’s traveling between NJ, NY, KY and OH with a possible stop in Indiana. I may not be a single, working mom, but I sure am learning to play the part.

So, while dinner for us tonight was paid for with money borrowed from my six-week-old’s bank account (because my wallet was too far down in my diaper bag for me to reach while breastfeeding her in the restaurant — if my grandmother hadn’t been creamated she would have just rolled over), I fretted because between PTO meetings, missed deadlines, football practice, a bus that can’t get my kid to school on time and stinky diapers, I completely forgot to prepare for my very first interview with someone famous.

Which is why they may be my friend, but I’m not their’s. I kept the call muted the entire 1 hour and 7 minutes I was on. I was actually scared the mute button wasn’t working–can you imagine?! Today, while talking to my son’s Kindergarten teacher, the baby was burping and pooping into the receiver.  Jenna, Mary and Claudia would remember me if that happened.

Who knows? It may be written into a future storyline on Accidentally on Purpose. The show’s storyline is based on Mary’s experience as written in the book, but Claudia has taken the concept and added sitcom-style humor, altered the characters (again, based on the book but very different), and is creating new storylines to play out the sitcom. The entire first season Elfman will portray a pregnant Billie, also a film critic (which is convenient since yesterday she shared with Julie Chen on TODAY that she [Jenna] is pregnant.) I have it on good authority that the baby (the fictional one) will be born at the end of the first season. The show isn’t just about Billie being pregnant. Its a show about woman who happens to be pregnant, but lives a real life (complete with work; a strenuous, likely sexy relationship with Grant Show’s character James; and the complicated relationship with the baby’s father, Zack (Jon Foster). 

Really, we would have been great buddies. We would have shared advice, like Jenna shared with me: “I really make sure that I grant him [Story] as much self determinism as possible at all times. I let him control his own motions; I consult his willingness, within reason. I appeal to his determinism a lot… I remember being really young and feeling like I couldn’t control things. He is a very confident, able kid and I think its been a successful tool.” 

We would trade stories, just as Mary explained her time losing her son in a film room, I would have shared losing my kids at the park.

We would crush on each other, just the way Jenna described Mary as “hot, stylish, funny and charming;” with Claudia chiming in “and pretty!” 

And our feelings, like when Claudia explained she’s excited about Monday night’s premiere to the point of panic. And that while she was nervous the script would never be picked up, she knew once the pilot was filmed Accidentally on Purpose was a hit.  The pilot was so fun and there’s such potential for a great comedy. Of course, I set my DVR last night to record the show.


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