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I am SO keeping my Baby Einstien’s

Posted in Baby Gifts, parenting by Julie Meyers Pron on October 30, 2009


Last night my husband came out of the office, asking if I’d purchased any Baby Einstien movies in the past 5 years. “No,” I responded. “And if I had… there’s absolutely no way I’d be sending them back for a refund.”

Sure, say what you will, Disney. Help us out by offering to take them back for not being truly educational, but I gave up on toys and entertainment being educational for my baby about 3 days into babyhood. Everything is educational. And nothing is educational. Its all what you do with it.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics  suggests actual time allowances for TV watching, I’m a mom of 3 and I need a shower. And it just so happens that my 4 year old adores watching Baby Einstien movies with his baby sister. The music is calming and familiar. The puppets are cute and entertaining. The colors are vibrant.

Baby Einstien has been an entertainment choice in our home since 2003. I used it to shower then, just as much as I do now. When the boys were young and  to calm my them and distract them enough to trim their toenails, Baby Einstien was my series of choice. On days when I was just too tired to entertain that 20 minute powerbreak to just veg and join the baby as he got excited at his favorite part, or laughed when the duck made a “face”, were lifesavers.

Our third baby will watch the same Baby Einstien DVDs. She’ll laugh at the duck and cheer for the turtle in the same way the boys did before her.

Its not for education that I’m keeping the DVDs. Its for sanity, familiarity and a little bit of nostagia. But. Mostly. Its for sanity.

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