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Oooooh Staples! I’m doing a little Black Friday dance

Posted in Staples Holiday Blogger by Julie Meyers Pron on November 12, 2009

Since being selected a Staples Holiday Blogger I’ve been, admittedly, a bit Staples-happy. I don’t just browse the store, I stalk it. I get a friendly smile, but it reads “what-the-f&#^-is-she-doing-here-again?” each time I enter. Probably because they’ve never had a lurker quite like me. I’m walking through with my handy tiny notepad (purchased, of course, on a recent trip to Staples. I’m not playing though. I’m taking notes. Trying to make my perfect $200 purchase.

So I was super excited when Staples started releasing some hints as to their Black Friday ad on twitter (twitter handle: @staplestweets) and on their Facebook Fan Page. It totally changes my plans. Now I can figure how to spend the $200 gift card (can’t go over or under by more than $1: my rule) with discounts and sales. Sweet!

So, straight from Twitter, the Staples Black Friday super deals that I know of so far:

  • Gobble up this offer before it’s gone! Get an HP laptop w/ Win 7 for only $299.98 after easy rebate. Valid Fri 11/27 from 6-10am.US only ^LN
  • What holds 1000 photos,makes a sweet stocking stuffer & is only $12.99? A can’t-miss 8GB flash drive! 11/27.6-10am.US only. #BlackFriday ^LN
  • A deal hotter than grandma’s burnt Thanksgiving rolls:Save $90 on eMachines 21.5″ monitor-only $89.98! 11/27.6-10am.US only #BlackFriday ^LN
  • Make Staples your destination on the biggest shopping day of the year! Get $100 OFF Garmin nüvi 255W GPS! 11/27. 6-10am.US only #BlackFriday

More than anything, the Garmin Nuvi deal is catching my eye. It sells for $219.99, so at $100 off I could get the Garmin that I so badly need to get me from playdate to playdate, and have money left over for some software.

Of course I’m following @staplestweets because I’m not going to miss any of the announcements. Looks like I will be hitting Staples first thing the day after Thanksgiving.

I’m a Staples Holiday Blogger, so I’ll be receiving a $200 gift card to use at Staples and blog about it.

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