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I am SO keeping my Baby Einstien’s

Posted in Baby Gifts, parenting by Julie Meyers Pron on October 30, 2009


Last night my husband came out of the office, asking if I’d purchased any Baby Einstien movies in the past 5 years. “No,” I responded. “And if I had… there’s absolutely no way I’d be sending them back for a refund.”

Sure, say what you will, Disney. Help us out by offering to take them back for not being truly educational, but I gave up on toys and entertainment being educational for my baby about 3 days into babyhood. Everything is educational. And nothing is educational. Its all what you do with it.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics  suggests actual time allowances for TV watching, I’m a mom of 3 and I need a shower. And it just so happens that my 4 year old adores watching Baby Einstien movies with his baby sister. The music is calming and familiar. The puppets are cute and entertaining. The colors are vibrant.

Baby Einstien has been an entertainment choice in our home since 2003. I used it to shower then, just as much as I do now. When the boys were young and  to calm my them and distract them enough to trim their toenails, Baby Einstien was my series of choice. On days when I was just too tired to entertain that 20 minute powerbreak to just veg and join the baby as he got excited at his favorite part, or laughed when the duck made a “face”, were lifesavers.

Our third baby will watch the same Baby Einstien DVDs. She’ll laugh at the duck and cheer for the turtle in the same way the boys did before her.

Its not for education that I’m keeping the DVDs. Its for sanity, familiarity and a little bit of nostagia. But. Mostly. Its for sanity.

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Get your baseball fan the perfect gift

Posted in Baby Gifts, Personalized Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on October 13, 2009

Searching for the ultimate in gifting for a baseball fan this fall? If he’s a fan of the Phillies or Angels, there is no better, nor more unique gift than a personalized baby baseball glove from Nokona. The glove can be personalized with up to 23 characters on the top, and a date below. The glove has always been one of Precious Personalities top baby gifts, but in October its a gift for making memories. Buy it for the fans for the holidays, a birthday, or a celebration of a great season. It makes a great coach’s gift and its a perfect host/hostess gift for the family that goes all-out with Playoff Parties this fall.

Currently, only red and pink are available. We’ve sold many to Yankees and Dodgers fans in the past, but both Navy Blue and Light Blue are on an undetermined backorder. Pink makes an ideal baby girl gift. And red has been a top pick for boys, especially fans of the Philadelphia Phillies and the LA Dodgers.

No need to personalize with a baby’s name and date, you can order the glove to say “COACH JOHN” or “SUPER SEASON”. Or celebrate a win with “WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS.” Personalization options are nearly limitless.

Looking for something a little less red or pink? Precious Personalities also sells a Personalized Bat and Ball set, which we reviewed here.

Precious Personalities BIG. SUPER. SALE.

Posted in Baby Gifts, Organization, parenting, Shower Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on September 26, 2009

6 different items on sale each week through fall: 25-40% off some of their hottest items.

This week’s specials: 

Mom Agenda Spirals: 35% off
Box of Silly Word Games:40% off
Our Baby’s Album: 40% off
Got Kids? Get Organized!: 30% off
School Years by MomAgenda: 25% off
‘Nspire Brag Book: 40% off

We all love a discount, right?

5 Things… I forgot to bring to the hospital

Posted in 5 Things..., Baby Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on August 31, 2009

Heading to the hospital for a baby delivery? Consider adding these to your list:

  1. Box of tissues. I was SO sick the week I delivered. And cheap hospital tissues don’t wipe it. When the husband went home to shower, he was instructed to only come back if he has a box of Kleenex.
  2. Baby Book. I had the best of intentions for bringing this with me. But the baby arrived before my amazon.com order did. Here’s the book I ordered, it arrived the day we came home.
  3. Cash. Again, we’re so used to using credit, that we forget cash for things like vending machines and hospital cafeterias. Sigh.
  4. Thank you notes. I know, it seems silly because they are just doing their jobs. But each time I’ve been in the hospital I’ve left feeling like I’m leaving behind new friends. And while I shout out “thanks! Bye-bye!”, I think how nice it would have been to write a note of appreciation. That, and you can write them for all the flowers and things you receive in the hospital, so you won’t have to do it later.
  5. Comfortable pillow. I was wrong, they don’t have comfortable pillows (or beds, for that matter.) Bring your own. (okay, a bed may be a little difficult.)

Beautiful Baubles

Posted in Baby Gifts, jewelry, Personalized Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on July 24, 2009

We love Mommy bracelets. They’re a guaranteed success in the gifting world: what mom wouldn’t adore receiving a bracelet with her little loved one’s name(s), right?

After searching… and searching more, we fell head over wrists for Barefoot in the Park by Mackenzie Miller, available at Precious Personalities. The bright, happy beads bring sunshine and summer to mom’s arm.

Available as shown, with 1 strand as a Happy Bracelet or more strands upon request (we’ve seen it made with 3 names as well as with 2 names and an extra strand in between that doesn’t have a name), put some fun on Mommy’s wrist.

Dads, this is a (hint hint) excellent push present.

Another Favorite Baby Gift: Baby’s Laundry

Posted in Baby Gifts, Personalized Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on June 17, 2009


The Baby’s Laundry Shadowbox Frame is one of my go-to gifts when my close friends have babies. I love sending (not to mention receiving) personalized gifts to remember a special moment. The detail on the items on the clothesline is… precious. We’ve had one hanging in my son’s room for nearly 4 years now, never have the items had to be reattached and we receive so many “awwws” and “ooohs” and “where can I get that for my nephew?!”  (yes, there’s also a Boy Baby’s Laundry and a gender neutral–a great shower gift!)

Get it at Precious Personalities. You can personalize as above or you can include other information like height, weight, birth time, or a special message. They can even personalize the items hanging on the line (see the Boys Baby’s Laundry for an example).  I’m certain it will be one of the first gifts the parents will hang on their wall… and one of the last to ever come down.

Personalized Baby Baseball Glove

Posted in Baby Gifts, Personalized Gifts by Julie Meyers Pron on May 1, 2009


If you’re looking for a truly unique gift for a sports-centered family, without hesitation we recommend the Baby Baseball Glove by Nokona. It is one of Precious Personalities biggest sellers, and by far the most popular baby gift and its ordered often as a first birthday present.

Select your color from baby girl pink, baby boy blue, navy and red, all in a sueded leather. The 9″ glove (which can be worn, but is often gifted as decoration) can be personalized with up to 23 characters on the top, arched line, and a date or 9 characters on the bottom line. While the most common personalization is the baby’s name and birthdate, we’ve seen it ordered with company names, private jokes (which we always wonder about!) and team names. Recently it was ordered as a coach gift for the end of a t-ball season. What a great idea! 

The gloves, crafted elsewhere, are personalized in the small, North Texas town of Nocona, Texas, at the Nokona Atheletic Goods factory… so they’re manufactured from the same makers as some of the world’s best known baseball supplies.

Precious Personalities retails the gloves for only $75, with a minimal $5 shipping charge. Nokona’s Personalized Baby Baseball Glove is a gift that’s been treasured (and gifted repeatedly) to and by sports professionals, sports marketers, and sports lovers all over the US.