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Oooooh Staples! I’m doing a little Black Friday dance

Posted in Staples Holiday Blogger by Julie Meyers Pron on November 12, 2009

Since being selected a Staples Holiday Blogger I’ve been, admittedly, a bit Staples-happy. I don’t just browse the store, I stalk it. I get a friendly smile, but it reads “what-the-f&#^-is-she-doing-here-again?” each time I enter. Probably because they’ve never had a lurker quite like me. I’m walking through with my handy tiny notepad (purchased, of course, on a recent trip to Staples. I’m not playing though. I’m taking notes. Trying to make my perfect $200 purchase.

So I was super excited when Staples started releasing some hints as to their Black Friday ad on twitter (twitter handle: @staplestweets) and on their Facebook Fan Page. It totally changes my plans. Now I can figure how to spend the $200 gift card (can’t go over or under by more than $1: my rule) with discounts and sales. Sweet!

So, straight from Twitter, the Staples Black Friday super deals that I know of so far:

  • Gobble up this offer before it’s gone! Get an HP laptop w/ Win 7 for only $299.98 after easy rebate. Valid Fri 11/27 from 6-10am.US only ^LN
  • What holds 1000 photos,makes a sweet stocking stuffer & is only $12.99? A can’t-miss 8GB flash drive! 11/27.6-10am.US only. #BlackFriday ^LN
  • A deal hotter than grandma’s burnt Thanksgiving rolls:Save $90 on eMachines 21.5″ monitor-only $89.98! 11/27.6-10am.US only #BlackFriday ^LN
  • Make Staples your destination on the biggest shopping day of the year! Get $100 OFF Garmin nüvi 255W GPS! 11/27. 6-10am.US only #BlackFriday

More than anything, the Garmin Nuvi deal is catching my eye. It sells for $219.99, so at $100 off I could get the Garmin that I so badly need to get me from playdate to playdate, and have money left over for some software.

Of course I’m following @staplestweets because I’m not going to miss any of the announcements. Looks like I will be hitting Staples first thing the day after Thanksgiving.

I’m a Staples Holiday Blogger, so I’ll be receiving a $200 gift card to use at Staples and blog about it.

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Staples: This isn’t easy

Posted in Staples Holiday Blogger by Julie Meyers Pron on November 10, 2009


Imagine the scenario: someone hands you a wad of cash. You count $200. You’re told you have 2 rules to use the money:

  1. you have to spend the money between November 15 and November 30
  2. you have to spend the money on something at Staples

Then you add your own rule:

      3.  you have to spend all the money, and can’t go over or under by more than $1. (not including tax).

That’s what really happened. I was selected as one of Staples Holiday Bloggers and they’re sending me a $200 gift card to spend as I’d like at their store. I’m excited. Really excited. I’m not a big spender and overthink every purchase (it took me over a year to buy my new computer and my downstairs doesn’t have curtains because I’m afraid of that kind of a committment.) So this is huge. $200 that I have to spend without too much time to research. I’m trying hard not to get overwhelmed by the idea.

There’s no way I’m going into this alone. I’m asking advice. My kids think I should get computer software. They also think a box of crayons seems to be a good way to spend $200. That’s a lot of crayons. One of the boys suggested I add a Sharpie to the list, because that’s what they see at check out when we’re there. My husband is keeping quiet. I’m sure he’s curious. But he can’t possibly think I’ll spend the money on him, right? Hmmm… or should I?

That opens a whole new can of worms. Do I spend the money on someone else’s gift? Do I keep it and get something for me as a reward? (Is that selfish?  Do I care?) Of course, I could be totally full of heart and fill school bags with fun items to gift to a needy family or a school.  But I do give of my time as a volunteer and we do give a lot otherwise so perhaps this once I could actually get a special gift for me.

Then the question: do I get someting practical that I could use around the home or office or do I buy something fun?

And do I buy it on November 15 and start using it or give it right away? Or do I buy it and save it, wrapping it to place it under the tree? or open it during one of the eight nights of Chanukkah? And should I wait for Black Friday? (Anyone have any hints about their ad? Its not posted yet…)

Of course, I can think and dream and dream and think. I have until Sunday to even attempt to make my decision.


Thanks to Staples who gave me the $200 gift card as part of the Staples Holiday Bloggers program.


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